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Virtual Production

"Where the physical and digital worlds meet."


what is

  • Blending virtual worlds with real performers, real foreground sets, and real objects to make everything appear as though as it is in one space.

  • The result is completed visual effects shots on production with perfectly matched lighting and camera movements.


  • Virtual production is revolutionizing filmmaking. 

  • The use of LED screens with real-time virtual environment rendering enabling filmmakers to push the limits of storytelling.

  • Expensive location shoots can now be filmed in a controlled studio environment allowing you full, real-time control over lighting, art and locations.

The Benefits

Less Time for Post Production

What appears on your screen is the output - what you see is what you get.

Ambience and Reflection

LED wall and LED ceiling can give certain ambience & reflection lifelike light sources.

Precise Light Control for Day or Night

Manage any lighting configurations as needed.

Creating a New Reality

Transforming storytelling into captivating narratives that engage audiences in entirely new ways.

Saving in Cost and Time

Swap between various locations with just a button press.

Instant Background Change

Modify and adjust any backdrop elements in real-time.

Enhanced Safety for Driving Scenes

Compatible with the Parallax VP system and Video Playback for Rear Projection.


Our studio thrives on the collaborative spirit we share with our partners. Together, we continuously innovate, pioneering new methods and strategies.

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